GROW KL216+R502-A DC10-30V Relay Output Remote Control Fingerprint Access Control Board With Jog Mode/Ignition Mode/Self-locking

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DC10-30V, Relay Output, Jog Mode(0.5s-99s)/Ignition Mode/Self-locking Mode.
Managed by SET button or remote control(add/delete fingerprint to different three database,change relay time and so on)
·Power supply:DC10V--30V
·Standby current:<40mA
·Output:Relay(Max. current: 10A)
·Fingerprint capacity:200 pieces
·Relay Function:Jog Mode(0.5s-99s)/Ignition Mode/Self-locking Mode

KL216 Circuit board diagram

KL216 Connection reference diagram


1. SET Button:
1.1 Press SET button shortly,system in register state and indicator light flash fast, press multiple times for each fingerprint, fingerprint register successful when hearing music.
Fingerprint can be registered continuously when system in register state; if no need adding fingerprint more, waiting a few seconds.(By default, it will be saved in fingerprint database 1,when the current database is full, it is automatically saved to the next database.)
1.2 When back to factory default, press SET button until hear “Di” long beep and
music,means initialization operation successful
2. Remote Control:
When using remote control, pls touch the module to wake up first.
2.1 Blue indicator lighted means in programming stated, music means operation successful
Default password: 123456, password length: 6 numbers
2.2 Change password: Press *password*1*new password*new password#
2.3 Register fingerprint: Press *password*2*Database(1-5)# ,Exit fingerprint in register state when press * button or waiting a few seconds.
E.g.: Register in Database 3: Press *password*2*3#
2.4.  Delete Fingerprint: Press *password*3*Database(1-5)#
E.g.: Delete in Database 3: Press *password*3*3#
2.5.  Relay Time Setting in jog mode: Press *password*4*Time(0.5s-99s)#
E.g.: Set 0.5s: Press *password*4*00#
E.g.: Set 1s: Press *password*4*01#
E.g.: Set 5s: Press *password*4*05#
E.g.: Set 99s: Press *password*4*99#
2.6. Setting Work Mode:
Jog Mode: Press *password*5*1#
Ignition Mode: Press *password*5*2#
Self-locking Mode:Press *password*5*3#
2.7. Standby Mode Selection:
Standby Mode On: Press *password*6*0#
Standby Mode Off: Press *password*6*1#
2.8.  Back to Factory Mode: Press *password*7*password#
2.9.  Password Using: Press *password and relay closed, press # and relay opened
Note: Any fingerprint can be used in the factory state, but the function will be invalid after the fingerprint is registered.




Capacitive Fingerprint Module




508 DPI


DC 3.3V

Fingerprint Capacity


Sensing array

192*192 pixel

Working current


Standby current

Typical touch standby voltage: 3.3V, Average current: 2uA

Fingerprint module external size

Diameter 22 (mm)

Fingerprint module inner size

Diameter 19.3 (mm)

Fingerprint module height

5 (mm)(Except the connector)

Effective collection area

Diameter 15.5 (mm)



LED Control


LED Color

Purple and Blue and Red

Scanning Speed

< 0.2 second

Verification Speed

< 0.3 second

Matching Method

1:1; 1:N





Work environment

-20C ---60C

Work Humidity


Anti-static capacity


Abrasive resistance intensity

1 million times

Communications baud rate (UART):

(9600 × N) bps where N = 1 ~ 12(default N = 6, ie 57600bps)


·Provide Free Reference SDK Files for Arduino, Android,.Net,Windows and so on. 
·Provide User Manual 
You can download the R502-A user manual from this website link:
You can dowload the KL216 user manual from this website link:
If need SDK files,pls contact us.

R502-A Fingerprint Module

LED Effect picture


Brand Name:
Model Number:
Fingerprint capacity:
Power Supply:
DC 10V--30V
Standby current:
Relay(Max. current:10A)